Floor Plans at The Lauren

Luxury condo residences in Bethesda with daringly EXPANSIVE floor plans

Room to spare

The Lauren boasts some of the largest and most spacious luxury condominiums Bethesda has ever seen, with luxury condo floor plans ranging from 1,444 sq. ft. to almost 6,000 sq. ft. Our fluid transitions and open layouts simply defy the box-within-a-box feeling you get from other condo offerings. Each residence is large-furniture friendly and reflects the quality one would expect from an estate home. Our larger plans offer personal space to spare, including formal dining rooms and options for true 3-bedroom – plus den – configurations.

1 Bedroom

1.5 Baths
Enclosed Area: 1,189 sq. ft.
Terrace Areas: 110 sq. ft.
Total Residence: 1,299 sq. ft.

1-Bedroom Floorplan


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2 Bedrooms + Office

2.5 Baths
Enclosed Area: 2,290 sq. ft.
Terrace Areas: 98 sq. ft.
Total Residence: 2,388 sq. ft.

2-Bedroom + Office Floorplan

2 Bedrooms + Library

2.5 Baths
Enclosed Area: 2,647 sq. ft.
Terrace Areas: 205 sq. ft.
Total Residence: 2,852 sq. ft.

2-Bedroom + Library Floorplan


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3 Bedrooms + Breakfast Room

3.5 Baths
Enclosed Area: 3,169 sq. ft.
Terrace Areas: 221 sq. ft.
Total Residence: 3,390 sq. ft.

3-Bedroom + Breakfast Nook Floorplan

3 Bedrooms + Office

4.5 Baths
Enclosed Area: 3,541 sq. ft.
Terrace Areas: 171 sq. ft.
Total Residence: 3,712 sq. ft.

3-Bedroom + Office Floorplan


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3 Bedroom Penthouse

4.5 Baths
Enclosed Area: 5,734 sq. ft.
Terrace Areas: 1,569 sq. ft.
Total Residence: 7,303 sq. ft.

Penthouse Floorplan


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